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Fun Fact!

You now can be whoeeevvver you want to post a comment on the blog.  That being said, don't use this for evil purposes- karma will punch you in the throat. =)

Brought to you… By you!

OK so there aren't a toonnn of comments on recipes on my previous post, but there are  a ton of tweets/e-mails/FB comments. I'm just re-posting those in this massive list, but please look at the ones on this post too! =)  So below, I give you… Your own words. =) Knowledge is power. Go cook something new this weekend! 1. Grilled/roasted veggies are my all time favorites. Simple, unprocessed and tasty! 2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   7. 8. Avocado + Concord Foods Guacamole mix ( guacamole/ ) sold at Safeway and Gian

The Trifecta to World Domination

Pinky and the Brain brain brain brain brain! You've got the theme song stuck in your head now, don't you? I do too, so we can commiserate together on this one. I've talked here about eating and exercising, and here about my need for sleep otherwise I'll be a raging lunatic, and I've realized something important: They make up the Trifecta of Perfection. Henceforth referred to as "TOP" as I'm a lazy mofo sometimes. But when one thing is out of whack, the TOP is basically screwed. It becomes a Trifecta of… Awkwardness? Imbalance? Discomfort and regret? Remember my loooooooooong diatribe about how I need sleep? I kid you not, I'm pretty much worthless if I'm exhausted. The Bearded Wonder has learned not to ask me to make decisions or important questions if it's late at night and my lids are heavy while I kiss him good-bye. I'm truly a pathetic sight to see. But when I don't sleep, I feel less inclined to work out. When I d


Friends. I love bright colors. I live, laugh, love them in fact. Oh yeah. Just like that.  So when no one else read my blog, the BRIGHT  orange background was super exciting for me. But now I see that it's time to put on my big girl pants and have a more respectable-looking blog. Despite the fact that I myself feel pretty awkward sometimes. There is literally not enough time in the world to tell you how much this made me laugh. Anyway. I'm testing out new layouts for awhile until I find something that screams "REDHEAAADDD!!!" in quite the Spartan-esque tone, yet makes me also look like a normal adult from a distance.  You thought I was going to put a muscular screaming Gerard Butler gif, didn't you? Well I didn't. That's called restraint . You are welcome. Leave thoughts/comments below on what you think though! You're the goobers who look at this thing anyway. =) <3 A Redhead


Good mooooorning love bugs. I promise that's as cheerful as this is going to get; I'm so not  a morning person. I'm so not a morning person, in fact, that one of my roommates and I had an agreement in college where there was no  talking prior to 10am. Mostly because we had chapel at that time and woke up around 8:30-9a (oh, to dream…), so it's not like it was a lot of time anyway. I hate mornings. I'm groggy, there's a good chance I still have eyeliner smudged on my cheek, my breath reeks (helloooo TMI), and I'm usually confused at how my clothes have tried to invert themselves while upon my person. I. Do. Not. Like. Mornings. So after yet another night of not enough sleep, it's made me think about a terrible cycle I find myself in sometimes…. + Go to bed super late (which for me is sometime after 11. Stop laughing at me, I have to get up early!). + Wake up at 6a (told you!). + Hit snooze… 3-4 more times. + Actually  get up between 6:15-6:20

What it's all about...

I started this blog on May 1, and I thought it might be good to share my progress with you guys. It's what we're all here for, right? As you already know from this post , I've lost 5.5 inches total off my thighs, waist, and hips. I don't want to weigh myself anymore, because you know what? I haven't lost a single pound. In fact I think I gained one. But you know what else? These numbers * don't lie: On the far right are my "PRs", or my "Personal Records". So if you'll notice, I haven't lost any weight, but my lat pulldowns have increased by 20 lbs in 8 days. My V-squat has increased by 30 lbs in 1 month. My seated cable row, which makes me feel like a sissy girl, has gone up 10 lbs in a month. And my plank, my shaky, shaky plank, has lasted 10 seconds longer than usual.  I feel good! I'm getting a lot of really positive feedback thanks to the blog, and I think the combination of fun gifs + Fitocracy + bein