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Showing posts from June 16, 2013

A Resolution! … Or Something

Oh friends, if only I could adequately into words how crazy life has been as of late.

Will this suffice?

Wedding is officially in less than 3 months, the Bearded Wonder and I are buying a house, AND I still haven't lost a pound. 
I know. Life's weird right now. I will say I'm still making a concerted effort with my food choices, and to work out. In fact, as I type, my arms are whimpering like a sad puppy looking for table scraps. 
Regardless, I worked these fools out yesterday! I found out that yet again I've missed details in my NROLFW book. I know, right? As if I should have learned my lesson from the first time and just read through all of the instructions. But I'm a college graduate! I don't have time for instructions! PFFFFTTTT TO YOU I SAY! 
It was a surprise, though it shouldn't have been when I realized that while my reps are decreasing, and my lift weight is increasing, the number of reps is also increasing. Whoops. Forgot to read that. So I'd …