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Showing posts from June 16, 2013

A Resolution! … Or Something

Oh friends, if only I could adequately into words how crazy life has been as of late. Will this suffice? I'm not above admitting this is one of my favorite movies. Wedding is officially in less than 3 months, the Bearded Wonder and I are buying a house, AND I still haven't lost a pound.  I know. Life's weird right now. I will say I'm still making a concerted effort with my food choices, and to work out. In fact, as I type, my arms are whimpering like a sad puppy looking for table scraps.  OK so maybe it's just more pitiful. Whatever.  Regardless, I worked these fools out yesterday! I found out that yet again  I've missed details in my NROLFW book. I know, right? As if I should have learned my lesson from the first time and just read through all of the instructions. But I'm a college graduate! I don't have time for instructions ! PFFFFTTTT TO YOU I SAY!  Classic Sweet Brown.  It was a surprise, though it shouldn't have be