Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Resolution! … Or Something

Oh friends, if only I could adequately into words how crazy life has been as of late.

Will this suffice?

I'm not above admitting this is one of my favorite movies.
Wedding is officially in less than 3 months, the Bearded Wonder and I are buying a house, AND I still haven't lost a pound. 

I know. Life's weird right now. I will say I'm still making a concerted effort with my food choices, and to work out. In fact, as I type, my arms are whimpering like a sad puppy looking for table scraps. 

OK so maybe it's just more pitiful. Whatever. 
Regardless, I worked these fools out yesterday! I found out that yet again I've missed details in my NROLFW book. I know, right? As if I should have learned my lesson from the first time and just read through all of the instructions. But I'm a college graduate! I don't have time for instructions! PFFFFTTTT TO YOU I SAY! 

Classic Sweet Brown. 
It was a surprise, though it shouldn't have been when I realized that while my reps are decreasing, and my lift weight is increasing, the number of reps is also increasing. Whoops. Forgot to read that. So I'd been doing 2 reps of 12 when I should've done 3 reps. Fail. 

I did the 3 reps of 10 (because I've almost made it to the end and darnit who cares if I've been doing it ⅔ of the way unintentionally!) yesterday and my arms are huuuuurting. I laid in bed last night softly whimpering, "Beast Me, Beast Me*". Fine, that's not true. But I did lay in bed last night very sore and very satisfied with my workout. 

I'm out of town this coming weekend to be in a friend's wedding, and again next weekend to attend another friend's wedding. You know what this means?? 

I think you know me well enough by now to know my unrequited love for cake. It's not as bad as the aforementioned bestie's, but it's a pretty aggressive love. This also means I have 2 planned cake fiestas. 2! In 2 weeks! What sweet dreams and horrible nightmares! OH did I mention I went to a cake wedding last weekend too? I know, right? So many** weddings. 

So anywho. This means that 1) I will be eating cake, 2) I will be shaking my groove thang, and 3) most importantly, I have time to plan for the amount of buttercream that's about to be up in my mouth. I know I'll be eating cake (1 piece, thankyouverymuch) at each wedding, so I, A Redhead, resolve to not eat any [processed white] sugar outside of wedding festivities for the rest of the month. 

To be fair, that's only 12 days. Baby steps, people! But it's still a resolve! Yes, I said Wedding festivities. At a bachelorette with a super secret (yet super awesome) theme, I'll probably eat a cookie. Or 2. But you can't judge me because we already made this pact. Plus I won't have eaten sugar in a week or so, and I'll probably be a little stabby. 

Also, I'm not cutting out fruit. Fruit is tasty. And keeps me from licking the crumbs off of the lunch table. Which would lead to humiliation in front of co-workers. I'm keepin' the fruit. Hmph. Aannnd I'm going to be drinking a "lightly sweetened" Via iced coffee from Starbucks. It's an instant coffee you mix with cold water, and for 8 oz is 10g of sugar. Judge away, Judgey McJudgerson, but these are baby steps. No regrets here. 

So fruit and iced coffee. I feel like as long as I'm not eating cookies on the regular or a bowl of ice cream everyday, I'm doing pretty darn good. 

My friend and I are discussing how instant gratification just makes us feel like crap. I ate a bowl of ice cream last night, which I didn't even think tasted that good, and then woke up at 12:40 this morning with… Let's say "the sniffles". (This is a family show; let's keep it G-Rated.) But my ice cream gave me "the sniffles" in the middle of the night which made me wonder why on Earth I would eat something that didn't even taste good, and which led to my midnight bathroom trip "sneezing fest". 

NO MAS, WE SAY! No more!! This is ridiculous! We get all bloat-y and weird about our pants fitting awkwardly when really, we're doing it to ourselves. No one's shoving ice cream in my mouth (then again, Beardy does try to force feed me sometimes….), no one's telling us to eat a 5th 2nd cookie, no one's telling us that it won't matter to eat junk food for "just a day". It does matter. It makes us, it makes me, feel bad. 

Talk to the hand, sugar! 'Cuz the mouth ain't listenin'! And not just because it doesn't have ears! 

Want to make a resolve with me? Leave a comment. 
Promise I won't judge even if it's just to not drink soda for 2 days. =)
You have to start somewhere!

A Redhead

*Note: "Beast Me" is a joke my best friend and I started as a twist to the oh-so-popular "BEAST MODE!!". I think it started as a typo and turned into a lifestyle. ;-) 

**Note Pt. 2: Bearded Wonder and I have been together for 15 months. By July 1, we'll have been to 11 weddings. HOT DANG. By July 1, I'll have been to close to 40 weddings. Aye papi!