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Different kinds of munchies

When I was a kid I used to take road trips to and from Wisconsin or Kentucky, depending on the family we were visiting. For me these trips were a green light to eat any and all the things. Puffy pink marshmallow "snowballs". Doritos. Favorite soda of the month. Canned vienna sausages…. Don't judge me. I was young and thought canned meat was normal. Awww yeahhhh…. Pull that tab and let the fun begin. Food has always been such an integral part of travel for me, healthy or not (though I think we can all safely ascertain it was not ). I have vivid memories of picnicking at rest areas with my grandparents and cousins, and there was probably a can of the vienna sausages, Coke*, and inevitably moon pies or some kind of chips. #preservativesforall So you can imagine then when the Bearded Wonder and I decided to drive out to Missouri from outside DC for my cousin's wedding, one of the first thoughts was "Ooohh! We have to figure out what food to bring!&qu