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Showing posts from February 23, 2014

Fat girl in a little suit...

Have you ever seen the Chris Farley bit in "Tommy Boy" where he puts on David's Spade's coat and sways around singing "Fat guy in a little coooaaat"? No? OK, go here , watch the minute of it, giggle, then come back. Done? Excellent. Last night I was out shopping with a friend at one of my favorite plus size stores, Torrid . We were doing our usual giggling, looking at more labels, I was hugging the t-shirt I was determined to buy , and then I saw it… Black and white stripes. Halter top. Keyhole underneath the bra part. A bikini top. In one of my favorite plus-size stores. I stared at it for a second before the urge to put it on came over me. I said something like "holy crap you guys have bikini tops!" and the associate laughed and said they'd been flying off the shelves. Now, prior to the wedding, I'd read things from The Militant Baker like " I'm Proud of my Size: The Sexy Fatkini " and I'd always