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You may be a fat kid if...

*UPDATED!* (at the bottom) (because that's how I roll) (also people posted hilarious things on FB.)  - You hear *plink plink plink* from  across the room  and assume they're M&Ms hitting the ceramic bowl. Your heart rate quickens.  - You scoff at someone who claims they don't remember what a Cinnabon tastes like. YOU fantasize about that cinnamon-y confection anytime you're within 5 miles of a shopping mall.  - You don't count your super sweet coffee in your daily sugar allotment. Because it's coffee . Oh, yeah, uh-huh. NO.  - You can't find anything to satisfy "the spot", so you eat something healthier and feel sad inside.  - You eat a second dinner because you got hungry talking about food.   - The waiter comes by asking if you want more bread and you give them a look often confused for a deranged psychopath.  - You wait until that guy in the office with the candy bowl goes to the bathro

Cooking for 2-ish

Hey err'body! Hubbins and I have been making an effort to cook at home more. We both looove to eat out, but we've been working on our budget and eating out all the time just is not conducive to saving money. Sad but true. We're attempting meal planning and everything. This domesticity thing is weird. I borrowed this from here . Because it's cute. :)  Yesterday we made homemade sloppy joe's, and holy mother they were good. It was basically lean ground beef, ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce (we were supposed to use vinegar and didn't have any), salt/pepper, green peppers, shallots, sugar. So. Darn. Good. It's been fun though trying to find different recipes, especially ones that are easier to make and healthier. I bought a pre-marinated salmon filet the other day for under $7, and it'll probably have leftovers for the next couple days which we can use for lunches too. We're getting zucchini and squash to roast along with it. WE SHALL FEAST LI