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Showing posts from August 3, 2014

Running is the bane of my existence

It's been a minute since I posted! Funny enough, I think about you guys and this blog just about everyday.... "You realize if you don't  go running, you'll have to confess on your blog, right?" "Hey, I know ice cream is a sweet, sweet gift from Heaven... But you'll have to confess your sugary sins on the blog." "Girl, put down the spoon for alfredo- you'll have to blog about it later." Really the moral of the story is when I don't want to confess something, I just don't blog. Ha! Ok it's not just that, there's legitimately just been a lot going on around here lately. We got back from Delaware (where I did not  have a 2nd scoop of alfredo. #NailedIt), have been taking care of house things, been selling wedding stuff (tablecloths, table runners, etc.), selling shoes I never wear and can't wear because my feet are the suck.... It's been busy, mmk! Not to mention there was an unholy rage that we still  went