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Pictures don't have to be worth a thousand words

Let's jam for a second. Mr. Gaffigan* has a point up there. How many of us walk around feeling like we're all that and a bag of chips (mmmm chips…), and we either see a picture of ourselves or see ourselves in the mirror and we're like "Gah! Who IS that?!"? I know I've had those days. Lots, and lots, and lots  of those days. Shoot, I felt that way about some of my wedding pictures . Terrible, right? Greatest day of my life to date, I received tons of compliments and felt like a mermaid princess the day of, and I see certain pictures and my illusion was shattered. It had absolutely nothing  to do with my photographer, but with my own perception of myself. It makes me wonder which matters more: how I actually look, or how I think  I look. Does one matter more than the other? A friend of mine and I were talking about this article, as the author so eloquently states something so many women (and probably men!) can relate to: " How is it possible