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Confession (or 2) of the day.

I didn't go to the gym. And I allegedly ate 2 cookies. But you know, I'm not mad at it. I don't skip the gym that often and have been super dedicated, I'm still going tomorrow, and  I'm going swing dancing tomorrow night. So I'll still technically have worked out 3 days this week, though 4 would've been nice. This weekend is my mom's birthday and then my bridal shower, so I don't anticipate much physical activity outside of lifting a fork to my mouth. I'll be good though- I promise. Mostly because I have to tell all of you next week and then you'll stone me if I was too bad. ;) I'm teasing, but you will lovingly scold me. Which I'll need in the event I do gorge myself on crappy food. Thankfully though, I don't tend to want  crappy food as much anymore. I don't feel good when I eat it, my face breaks out, plus I have to confess my food sins on here. Why go through the bother?? So that's it. I hope we're still

Today is a day

Buenos dias mis amigos! I don't speak Spanish, so feel free to not correct my grammar. I took 5 years of French, and ou est-il maintenant * ? (sigh) Dear sweet mercy I'm behind in my posting! I know you're all sitting there, poised at your keyboards, begging for an update. I think I hit this euphoric high after my Super Emotional post, and then didn't really know where to go from there. Let's start here: I do not  want to go to the gym today. I went yesterday, and started phase 2 of NROLFW , and Lord Almighty I am sore . Sore sore sooorreeee!! Behold a peak into my internal struggle: "Just go! You know you need to!" "But…" <whine> "Woman!! MOVE. YOUR. BUTT." "<Whiiiiiiiiine>" "REDHEAD. GET. YOUR. BUTT. GOING. TO. THE. GYM. If you don't go today, you most certainly won't tomorrow!!" "Eehhhhhhhh noooooo… I'll be motivated tomorrow! I'll get more sleep. I'll be less s

Aw shucks!

You guys! You've all been so darn nice after the last post. Surriusly. So. Darn. Nice. It's a lovely reminder that I'm on a good path, and that there are awesome people in the world. :) So really, this is just a fluffy post thanking you for accepting me with big, fat, open arms and giving me a sloppy wet hug. It really does mean a lot to me. From the friends I've known for years, to my family, to complete strangers in this weird family on the Interwebs, thank you. I started this blog basically as an accountability tool for me as I go through this weight loss/muscle building journey, but I never expected it to become what it has… I've hit over 11,000 views in 2.5 months (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I've made new friends, and received some amazingly encouraging support from unexpected sources. SO. Thanks friends. I appreciate it a million times over. Need some love and support? I'm happy to help ya out. ;)  <3 A Redhead