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Showing posts from June 9, 2013

Miss me?

Stop your wailing, I'm back! Not that I necessarily went anywhere, things have just been craaaazy the last few days… Along with planning the wedding, we've decided to drive ourselves even crazier and buy a house! That's right. The Asian and the Ginger are puttin' down some roots. Suffice to say my brain is about to explode with information overload. Excited/terrified/nervous enough to scream? Seems apropos.  I will confess that this weekend was an absolute blur of house hunting, girl's night, swing dancing, and family time. I couldn't begin to tell you what I ate if I tried. Except for the fondue. Ooohhh was there fondue. Cheese AND  chocolate. With the pending house purchase, the Bearded Wonder and I have decided to go Lockdown Priority 1 on our respective budgets (we haven't combined finances yet, nosy pants). So this means no more dresses for The Redhead, and we're both going to cut back on eating out so much. Yeaaahhhhhhh……… JUST 1