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3 weeks is too darn long

Hi everyone. My name is Redhead, and I haven't blogged in 3 weeks. <Hi Redhead> So it's been 3 weeks! Bearded Wonder and I have [mostly] been doing TurboFire, buuut stuff has been kind of incredibly insane the last few days, so we haven't been able to work out. That being said, this girl has lost 6  pounds. We've done some really exciting, yet really maintainable changes with our diet. The plan was to cut out sugar, fried food, super processed foods (basically all the good things in life), which we've been doing for the most part. We [generally] aren't eating bread with sugar (we just make our own*), sticking with whole wheat pasta, avoiding sweet sauces (bbq, ketchup, etc.), and the obvious: not eating cookies/candies/cake/etc. SO. Overall it's gone really well. But I've also had some really great moments working on my moderation . Yeah, it'd be great if I could cut this stuff out forever and just drop all the weight be