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Good Lord, y'all! You certainly know how to make a girl (and, by proxy, Bearded Wonder) feel the love. There may have only been 4 comments on the last post, but there were dozens of comments on Facebook, text messages, phone calls, Marco Polos, private messages... It was overwhelming in the best possible way. <3 From the bottom of our hearts, we're grateful for all of you and the support we've received in the last week. Sharing that was a terrifying decision to make, and now I wonder why I waited so long! SO. Now on to something a little lighter, I'd like to discuss.... Quarantainment. In case you're living under a rock (or pulling a Jared Leto ), global citizens are social distancing to try to let COVID-19 run it's course and stop infecting people. That's the Cliff's Notes version- you guys get it. Instead I'd like to list some options for entertainment during quarantine, more aptly known as "Quarantainment".  1. Rea