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Good Lord, y'all! You certainly know how to make a girl (and, by proxy, Bearded Wonder) feel the love. There may have only been 4 comments on the last post, but there were dozens of comments on Facebook, text messages, phone calls, Marco Polos, private messages... It was overwhelming in the best possible way. <3 From the bottom of our hearts, we're grateful for all of you and the support we've received in the last week. Sharing that was a terrifying decision to make, and now I wonder why I waited so long!

SO. Now on to something a little lighter, I'd like to discuss....

In case you're living under a rock (or pulling a Jared Leto), global citizens are social distancing to try to let COVID-19 run it's course and stop infecting people. That's the Cliff's Notes version- you guys get it.

Instead I'd like to list some options for entertainment during quarantine, more aptly known as "Quarantainment". 

1. Read all of those books you have laying around.

2. Reread them.

3. Scream into a pillow.

4. Go for a walk.

5. Try to cook or bake something new!

6. Play a new game called "When's the last time I showered?" (*Can also play different varieties such as, "When's the last time I shaved?", or "When's the last time I brushed my teeth?", or "When's the last time I wore non-elastic pants?") 

7. Break out the board games and/or puzzles!

8. Scream into the void. Different experience from a pillow. 

9. Try to recreate really intense haute couture make-up looks with pantry staples. Have paprika? Pfft- that's blush now. Oregano is your glitter now!

10. Purge your closet, jewelry, etc. Bonus points for a fashion show of mis-matched items. Email pics to me. 

11. Deep clean EVERYTHING (except your own body. See #6). Pull a Monica Gellar and hand vac your regular vacuum.

12. Resurrect your long-dead blog! (ahem...)

13. Download Duolingo and try to learn new language. Confuse your friends and family when you're screaming pleasantries at them in Russian.

14. Reread the books you've already re-read. Start to memorize them. Converse in lines from said books.

15. Go on a walk! But stay away from people. Like far away. Give everyone you meet a wide berth, but smile manically as you do, as if to say "I DON'T WANT TO GET SICK BUT I STILL WANT TO ENGAGE WITH PEOPLE!"

16. Have a driveway/cul-de-sac with your neighbors. Just sit ~6' apart from each other and bring your own drinks/snacks. Boom. Sanitary hangout. No DD required.

17. If you're working from home now, take a 5-minute dance break every hour. Who cares what moves you got? No one can see them except pets or family. 

18. Speaking of working from home. Go pantsless during a video teleconference. Feel exhilarated at the danger! **Note: Do not recommend if you have a glass table or desk. 

19. Shamelessly binge watch an entire series of something on your chosen platform. I know we all do this anyway, but now it's socially acceptable! This is our time, couch potatoes!

20. Pray or meditate. I know I made a lot of weird suggestions above, but there is a lot of uncertainty right now. Praying or meditating, whatever those look like to you, can only be helpful. <3 

21. See if you can make the front of your head look like the back of your head. 

Is it the back of my head? The front of my head? What's happening?!

Stay well, friends! Send pics and videos of the weird crap you're doing to stay entertained.

A Redhead


  1. "....Like far away. Give everyone you meet a wide berth, but smile manically as you do, as if to say "I DON'T WANT TO GET SICK BUT I STILL WANT TO ENGAGE WITH PEOPLE!""

    I felt this one and belly-laughed outloud. This is literally me every time I see a neighbor when I'm walking our pup hahaha!

    1. Hahaha yes!!! I always have this really yearning look of, "wanna talk from across the sidewalk?"


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