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Showing posts from October 5, 2014

Am I twerking…?

Those are the thoughts that run through my mind during a zumba class. Then again, I'm also thinking: " Oh Lord, I'm so sorry I just bent over in front of you " and " Oh yowza- my feeties! ", or " Oooo forget it, I'm taking my shirt off! " (Yes, that happened tonight). I've joined a 90-day commitment to fitness on Facebook with some girl friends. We've all committed to 4+ times of workout/week for at least 30 minutes, being accountable with each other, and probably some kind of diet plan. Hubbins has said he'll do it with me, but he's not in the group since several of us (ugghhh) have posted "Before" pictures. We're (hubby and I) also going to take our measurements and weigh ourselves to see how this goes over the next 90 days. 90 days… Geez. That's no joke. It's not like the ~20 day things I've done before. This is through the holidays. This is through all the pies, mini candies, and CHRISTMAS COO