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Showing posts from November 2, 2014

"Congratulations…?? For what…?"

As my sweet Bearded Wonder is celebrating the week before my birthday, "counting down" if you will, we went to National Harbor since it's kind of "our spot". We had our first date there, he considered proposing there, we've had swing dance events there… It's been a pretty special place in our lives together. So imagine my surprise when some random stranger almost managed to completely ruin our date night tonight. We walked into this cute gourmet kitchen store that had food samples, kitschy dishes, fancy jams, etc. One sales associate was at the front of the store and greeted us, and we went about sampling the various spreads, oohing and ahhing over the different flavors. We meandered up front, and the bright-haired girl looks at us with doe eyes and says " Congratulaaations !" She had "aww there's a baby" face. I knew what the "congratulations" meant, but we both responded with "…For what??" Her doe e

Of protein shakes and cupcakes

I've had a realization the last couple of weeks or so. I hate TurboFire . Not like in a "Bleehhh I don't want to work out" kind of way. Oooo girl, check out that five head. Bangs can't hide that!  But more in a "GYAH THIS IS SO OBNOXIOUS I CAN'T TAKE HER SERIOUSLY WHEN SHE'S NOT SWEATING!!!" kind of way. We started one of the DVDs tonight, and I swear we did the same stupid sequence for a solid 4 minutes. 4 minutes. So we switched to the Tone 30 DVD, and while I still don't understand how the instructor had a perfectly teased blowout and didn't seem to sweat, I hated it substantially less. We used resistance bands  and sweated like fools. I grunted. I yelled. She said "No frowning, you should be smiling!" and I yelled "I WILL NEVER SMILE!" My arms are trembling. My glutes are on fire. FIRE. Suffice to say, we made it through the workout. I think this is just a ridiculous thing where I'm g