Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kreme-y Happiness

No, I didn't suddenly forget how to use my spellcheck. I'm talking about Krispy Kreme.

Hot. Fresh. Melty in your mouth. Glazed in happiness.

Oh baby... That's the stuff...
I'm not sure that there's much that makes me happier than Krispy Kreme donuts. OK, just to be clear, I mean in reference to food; clearly I still love snow, hot chocolate, my husband, puppies, etc... You've all had a Kristpy Kreme donut, right?

Wait, WHAT? Some of you haven't?!?! What the heck are you doing reading my blog right now?! Stop what you're doing, drive to the nearest one (I don't care if it's 8 hours away) and get 8 dozen of these fools. If they're not hot, then stick 'em in the microwave for ~9 seconds and let the melting commence.

We'll wait.

You good?

We had a god-forsaken coupon that entitled us to 1 free dozen of glazed donuts if we bought another dozen of our choosing. Ummmmmmm you don't have to tell me twice. We made our 40-minute trek, and 2 dozen donuts later, we were on our way home. The hot and fresh glaze-y wonders sat on my lap, mocking me and egging me on: "Eat meeeee, eat meeeee!!!". We ate... some. I'm not going to share how many exactly, because, well, no. I claim privacy this once! ;-)

It did make me think though (which is where this is all going), that we need to be more conscious of what we eat. Yes, we indulged in some Krispy Kreme donuts, but you know what? We don't do that often (read: EVER). I thoroughly enjoyed every drop of glaze that crackled off onto my shirt and thusly ate off (don't judge me).

We all know that mindless eating is a real thing. You know how it goes, you sit down in front of the TV with a bag of chips and a bowl of dip, and next thing you know you have a stomachache and 2 empty bowls. How'd it happen? You were only watching a 30-minute show. But if we take the time to slow down and eat and really appreciate what we're eating, I almost think we'd eat less.

I know I could eat my weight in Krispy Kreme donuts, but that's if I'm inhaling them down and don't stop to enjoy them. Why not take some time to enjoy them? They're freaking delicious! So yes, I had (ahem) a couple, but I truly, madly, deeply (thank you Savage Garden) loved every single gooey bite. If I actually take the time to slow down and enjoy them, I can guarantee I'd get sick of them much sooner than my weight's worth.

So. Enjoy your donuts, or your ice cream, or whatever it is, but take the time to enjoy and savor. Make it an actual treat of a moment instead of a bingeing episode, and I think you'll feel more satisfied than if you just went full-on pig dog on something (as I am prone to do).

How's your New Year treating you so far, friends?? Been going to the gym or anything? I have been, though not as much as I should... I'm trying (especially with the addition of Krispy Kremes in the house ;-) )! 

A Redhead


  1. So I agree. Krispy Kremes (when enjoyed properly) are totally acceptable, as a special treat. :) And really, who can say no to them.

    In other news, I totally killed my quads this weekend, which really just inspires me to get into better shape so I can do the same workout and still be able to walk throughout the week. :)

    1. Aaaamen sister!

      Good for you! That's awesome!! Don't you love that burn? It's a weird thing to feel, but it's so satisfying. =)

  2. Unfortunately I can't eat Krispy Kremes anymore because of my having to eliminate all gluten from my diet.. however I can agree that they are one of my first loves! Oh if only they didn't make me sick!

    All this to say, I'm jealous!

    But yes, I started going to the gym in the new year & it has be FABULOUS! I'm taking Pilates & Weight Lifting classes & just getting my skinny butt in shape since I could walk up 3 stairs before getting out of breath. I want to get my insides as healthy as my outsides look. It's a hard feat, but it's been fun! What gym do you go to?

    1. Oh friend I'm here to pick up your donut mantle. =P I kinda wish they made me sick so I couldn't eat them.... Terrible? Yes.

      Good for you!! What kind of weight lifting class?? I go to the Gold's Gym in Cascade's- you? I've thought of taking pilates since I have back problems, but I think I'd get bored...