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Why, Hello There...

I want to start this post by saying what I'm doing, and the results I'm seeing, would be absolutely impossible without the support and encouragement I've received. I've got my wonderful guy, a great community on Fitocracy, and now I've leaked this onto my Facebook and have watched the inspiring words roll in. I desperately need the encouragement, and people have been handing it to me in spades.

That being said, this is a guest post from my beloved Bearded Wonder. Be nice to him. =)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hello everyone!  What's good?  This is “him”, her guy, her fiance, Adrian.  I guess I'm affectionately referred to here and over the interwebs as, the Bearded Wonder.  I'm here writing this blog post because I want to chime in about this wonderful thing she is doing, her blogging the journey to live the healthy lifestyle.  I want to give you a better picture of why I think this woman, the woman I love and want to spend the rest of my life with, is so beautiful and wonderful and amazing and lovely.  More importantly, I want to share how proud I am of her.

First, let me start with a pic of us:

Lady in reeeddd… Aww yeah!!
We're adorable! Don't deny it!! … But seriously, I just wanted to give you a good picture of us.  Here's a few more to show you how we really do things:

We're a serious couple, in case you couldn't tell...
I'd say look at her though!  Is she not super adorable and cute and beautiful??  She is amazing!!!!!

So, now that I've given you a taste of who we are in picture form, and you readers of the blog have a taste of who this wonderful woman you know as the Redhead is from other previous posts, let me now try to enhance your view of this amazing lady!

And I'm gonna do that by just writing a few small blurbs about who she is, what she likes, and what I see in her. So, what can I start with? 
-      Well, she's a swing dancer to start.  That's how we met!  She's a wonderful dancer!
-      She lights up any room she's in!  She has such a dynamic and wonderful personality, people love to be around her, talk to her, laugh with her.  Anyone who meets her can see that, and I sure saw that!
-      She has a wonderful sense of style.  Pretty dresses, pretty accessories to go with her clothes, her amazing red hair.  Look at the photos above, you'll see it.  (Well, she may say not to look at the one of us in the Christmas sweaters.  But.........................)
-      She is absolutely hilarious, funny, can make anyone laugh in an instant.  Acting silly (we did/still do this a lot – random songs, Unicorn talks, random dancing, etc.), saying funny things. And she has quite an imagination, so she can say random things that can just make anyone laugh.  (OK, now it should be fine if you look at the Christmas sweater photo of us.)
-      She loves kids, and wants to teach and help kids in her future.  That imagination I just told you about, she can tell stories and do things for children so well because she has that.  As someone who worked with kids at the church she went to for most of her life, her joy really shines through when she is with kids and serving them.
-      She does like movies and TV shows!  Can quote many of them, and use them in real life situations. And she can act out many things too!  Robin Hood Men in Tights, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Bridemaids, Zoolander, then go into TV shows like Friends, Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls, and Scrubs to name just a few.  She's caught me up on quite a few movies...
-      COFFEE!!! She loves it!!  She's worked at Starbucks, and helped me become a frequent Starbucks patron with a Gold Card from someone who didn't drink or even like coffee.
-      Random dancing, she loves to burst out into dance.  A good song comes on the radio, she'll move to it.  Maybe that's why she loves Zumba so much, it gives her an opportunity just to move!
-      RANDOMSAUCE - Super Harry Potter fan!!  Loves racing games!  Loves board games!  But also loves being girly, doing her nails, manicures/pedicures, all that stuff.  Loves keys, but the old school skeleton keys.  Loves dogs!
-      She wants to travel the world – and pretty much go everywhere.  And I mean EVERYWHERE! Ireland, Germany, France, all of Europe.  Japan, Australia, New Zeland, China, Philippines, literally just about everywhere, she wants to see it!
-      And Christmas!  She loves anything and everything about Christmas!  It's the most wonderful time of the year they say?  Well, for her, it is absolutely true!!
-      I could go on!!!!!!  And so much more I could learn about her!!

I guess I say all this because I KNOW my Redhead is the most beautiful woman on this planet.  Beauty is measured by more than just how someone looks, and my goodness she has it in spades!  I look at her and see her beautiful red hair, her eyes, her style, her smile, and she still takes my breath away when I see her.  At the same time, I know she is incredibly funny and hilarious, weirdly and endearingly quirky, amazingly sweet, so incredibly multi-faceted, and lights up any room she enters with her personality.  This only enhances her beauty! I was nervous asking her out because I was about to ask someone so pretty to go on a date with me.  I was ecstatic that she would say yes to that and to me.  We went to a wedding, the first time I saw her after I asked her out, and my breath was taken away when I looked at her for the first time.  And because I know everything I know about her, she still does this, take my breath away when I see her.

YES!!  I can look at her, and see she is the most beautiful woman on the planet. That's it!

So to finish, I have two things:

-      To the readers of the blog:  She's doing something great and wonderful in putting herself out there to share this journey with you.  Victories, flaws, mistakes, learning, and everything in between, she wants this. We can all learn from this blog, and be inspired by this blog.  She's shared a lot in this short period, and it's been great to read.  Her stance on the A&F douchetool, what she's learned on food, her victories in going to the gym by herself and going after some time off.  All these victories, the things she's done, her stances, they have been wonderful to read for all of us.  And for me, I lift and exercise on a regular basis, but my eating isn't the best (I'm a 28 year old male, lol).  So I'm learning from this blog!  Also, part of being healthy is having people to support you to pick you up. If you have support, then you have motivation, and you are more likely to make good healthy choices, whether it be exercising or eating a good meal.  Let's all continue to be there for her! 

-      To my Redhead, the love of my life: I love you!  SO MUCH!  You are the most beautiful woman on this planet, and I'm amazed and thankful that I have you in my life.  So I'm here, to support and help you (in this and in life), and to even let you cheat a couple times here and there (if that helps keep your sanity).  Keep it up!

Thanks everyone for letting me have some time here on this blog to share this with you!  Raise a protein shake in the air for the active life and let's stay healthy everyone!  Peace!

* The Bearded Wonder


  1. *sigh.....* You have the best support system in the Bearded Wonder, Ms. Redhead. You two are so cute and are so much fun to see together. The love for each other that just exudes from each of you when you're together is infectious and annoyingly adorable (this being said with much love *grins*).

    So YOU GO GIRL!!!

  2. Awww! So sweet! Adrian, teach your future FIL to talk like that. :p

  3. I must say, you both are such a cute couple! Loved all of the pictures. Bearded Woman and Ms. Redhead, you both are serious relationship goals!


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