Thursday, July 25, 2013

What's good, home skillet?

This journey started on/around May 1st, and here we are almost 3 months later and you know what?

The results.

We see them. 

I measured myself yesterday as I normally do my measuring somewhere between the 23rd and 25th of the month. My results were a little less than they've been in previous months, but darnit I still lost 3.5 inches!

Math time. You know how much I hate math. But according to this post, and the fact that I just mentioned my 3.5" gone, that means I've lost 14 inches!!

14 inches! In just under 3 months!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!

So good. So, so good.

Working out has officially become a habit, which is something I never thought I'd say or would be excited about. I feel gross if I don't go every other day, though weekends tend to not count. I may be trying my first crossfit class with the Bearded Wonder this Saturday. It's a free class offered at one of the studios in the area, and given how much I love saving money, why not go with it?

I do feel like I've hit a bit of a rut with my workout. I still love NROLFW, but it's tough with some of the workouts since we just don't have the equipment at my work's gym. Don't get me wrong, we have a great gym. But substituting some of the workouts with other forms of equipment and without the help of a professional scares me a little. I really don't want to hurt myself. =\ Sooo I've been trying out a few other things I've learned about and am using NROLFW as a guideline now.

I've been debating on hiring a trainer here for a session or 2 as they're cheaper than at normal gyms, but money is still tight which is why I'm having a hard time sucking it up and doing it. It may be good though, to get some guidance on some of my workouts. You don't want to spend a ton of time in the gym and 1) hurt yourself, or 2) waste your time. It IS possible to spend an hour in the gym and not accomplish a lot.

So anywho. I lost 3 lbs last month which was also exciting. I had my first wedding dress fitting the other night, and let me tell you- there's nothing that scares you into eating better than a wedding dress fitting. I'm planning on doing some grocery shopping this weekend to get some stuff to bring for lunch. As of now I'm at the mercy of the servery here (which is fantastic), but I'd love to save my pennies and know exactly what I'm eating. A treat here and there is fine, but ultimately I'd like to bring my lunch either every day or 4 out of 5 days of the week. I'll let you all know how it goes. =)

Want to see a silly but results-showing picture of me? Also, I'm not good at taking pictures of myself without looking like a goober. As in I can't take myself seriously. As in I make ridiculous faces. Whatever! This is an update, yo! I do what I want!

I've become one of those "bathroom selfie" girls. And at work no less! The shame!! 
Really it's just to show how my front has slimmed down, which is wonderful for me. I still have the dreaded "front butt", which all my fellow Fat Kids know about and you skinny folk will never understand, buuut it's shrinking! 

Thanks Wayne! 
How've you all been?! What's the hizzap?! What's the heezy?!
I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Stop judging me. 

A Redhead


  1. Congrats!!! Please share work lunches when you think of them. Thinking up and implementing work lunches is the bane of my existence.

    1. Muchos gracias! =) Anita posted some tasty looking things below. I'm thinking of having a bunch of plain chicken breasts ready to go so I can manipulate them and put stuff on them each day as I choose...

  2. First off, congrats on the awesome results! Secondly, I bring my lunch to work every day (school cafeteria food-no thanks). Here are things that I bring:

    1)spinach salad with feta, walnuts and cranberries-sometimes I add an egg or shredded chicken-with poppyseed dressing.

    2) Quaker oats instant oatmeal in a cup.

    3) Naan or pita bread,hummus, and bean salad I buy from Sprouts (do you have them there? It's like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's).

    4)Tortilla, cheese, spinach and 1/2 an avocado

    *I eat an apple every day after school to tide me over till dinner time. We eat an early dinner, around 6 or so.

    1. Thaaanks! =)

      That all sounds tasty. And really filling. =) So each of those are separate lunches you bring?
      We don't have Sprouts, that I know of, but we do have Whole Foods and TJ's.

  3. Yeah, these are separate lunches; they don't look like a lot but they are surprisingly filling. Sometimes just the oatmeal is enough, and sometimes I'm still hungry so I have to eat my apple too. I get the bean salad right next to the deli where premade easy things await. Next time I'm there, I'll get some and take a picture. It's delicious. I always eat lunch in my classroom--teachers' lounges are dreadful--so I buy things that don't need refrigeration or heating. I pack my lunch bag the night before and put the whole thing in the fridge, which keeps everything cooler longer.

  4. One of our go-to meals is a whole chicken. You can usually buy them for about $5 and they cook in a crockpot or in the oven. And then you have chicken to eat for weeeeeks!! Or at least a couple days. We put some spices on ours and it's moist and delicious. You don't have to smother it in BBQ sauce to make it tasty. But it's an easy and cheap food item that stores well in the fridge for quick snack/lunch grabbing. =)