Thursday, August 15, 2013


I didn't want to go to the gym today you guys. Not one bit. In fact, when walking out of my room this morning, I stared at my gym back for several seconds and finally resolved to bring it "just in case".

I've been sleepy today and feeling super lazy. The wedding is in less than a month (!!!!!) and house stuff has amped up to cray-cray level. I e-mailed 2 of my gym buddies today (one of whom is also getting married next year), and they both had work stuff to do.

"YESSS!!!!", I screamed in my head, "I DON'T HAVE TO GO NOW!!!". I confessed my lack of desire for gym time today, and naturally they responded exactly the opposite of how I wanted them to:

"Get your butt down there."
"You can do it! Just have a light day!"
"Less than one month… do it!"
"You'll hate us today, but thank us later!"

Jerks. Where's the support for laziness, eh? ;-) I made the mistake of saying something to my sassy Puerto Rican boss and she too chimed in that I need to just suck it up and go.

I happened to get this newsletter from NerdFitness in my mailbox not long before I left, and darn him but it motivated me enough to drag my pathetic self down there. How dare you motivate me to better myself, sir!!

In case you don't want to read it, it's basically about pushing yourself beyond your comfort levels. Is it super easy for you to squat 140? Try amping it up to 160 or 180 (please don't hurt yourself!). Is 10 push-ups not a thang anymore? Do 20. He talks about getting comfortable with where you are and needing to push past it to get better.

I realized I've been stagnating with a lot of my lifting and not pushing myself in the last few weeks… I've gotten comfortable, and I haven't seen any real results.
I haven't felt that wonderfully familiar burn from a good workout. 

Well, I'll tell you what, I went, and I totally rocked that nonsense. I earned 799 points on Fito and ended up doing 200 lbs on the v-squat machine. BOOM. I may have kept the same weight on a few exercises, but I at least did more reps. My body is sore, but darnit I'm pretty proud of me. =)

I'm super glad I went to the gym even though I begged everyone to let me be lazy. I pushed through to a few new personal records, and I think I got my highest amount of points ever off Fito. Today my co-worker who's been in Poland for 3 weeks returned, saw me, and said something to the effect of "OH MY GOD YOU'VE LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT!". She then proceeded to tell me she would be checking me out. =P Co-workers are noticing, which is always supreeeemely encouraging, and one of the ladies at lunch was telling me how proud I need to be of what I've accomplished in such a short time. =)

Be encouraged friends. GO TO THE GYM. 

A Redhead


  1. Git it, giiiiiiiirl! Very very proud of you. What you don't know is that I saw you after you'd been to the gym. You were walking in the opposite direction, but you had your bag slung over a shoulder, and I thought, "She's lookin good!" True story, brah.

    1. Hahaha, thanks brah. ;-) Seriously though, I appreciate it! =)

  2. I should read that article. I need encouragement. And motivation. And rice crispie treats.

    But yay for you!!!!! So proud you forced yourself to go! That's often the hardest part.

    1. Do it do it do it. (Not the rice krispie treat)

      Trust me, I grumbled the whole way down. ;-)

  3. Way to go Ashley! Although I can't exaaaactly focus on losing weight right now (baby girl likes to EAT)- your blogs still encourage me to get my workout on! Have worked out 3 times this week and aiming for 5! What what! So proud of you! You are going to look DANG good in that wedding dress!

    1. Haha that's understandable though!! Limey needs lots o' food. =)

      Go you!! You got this!

  4. I used the nice weather to motivate me to go out running again after 2 weeks of lazy. 34 minutes of walking and running intervals, which fitocracy has informed me is worth... 25 points. so, um, 799??!?!?!?!?! holy CRAP!!!!!

    1. ugghhh isn't that the worst thing ever? I did running/walking intervals a couple of weeks ago and I got pretty much nothing out of it, points wise. So sad.

      I thought the same thing when I was 799 though! Holy points, Batman!