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What's Your Excuse?

I can't find my sneakers.

It's too hot out.

My clothes are all dirty.

Where's my gym bag?

I can't find my sports bra.

(grumble grumble grumble)

So what's your excuse for not working out? The top [lame] excuse has been mine the last few weeks. Since we moved into our house, I literally cannot find my sneakers. I thought they were in my gym bag, which I also couldn't find, but once my husband (hehe) found the bag, I discovered there were still no gym sneakers.

I've been living a blissful yet slightly fearful state for the last month-ish because I haven't weighed or measured myself since before the wedding. I also haven't worked out since before the wedding. You understand my fear now, right?

That's right, I resort to candy too.
But the time is nigh. Last night Hubbins and I went to a running store and we each got fitted for fancy new sneakers. The girls were both super helpful: they had us stand on this fancy little machine where they checked our arches, then had us walk on a treadmill to see how our gait is. Hubbins has incredibly flat feet, for anyone that was wondering, and I have a regular ole' arch. He seemed pretty excited though as he darted around the store in the bright blue kicks. He dashed between clothing racks, hopped up and down, breakdanced... Yep. This is all real life.

So we have fancy new shoes, I have no excuses, and yet I still find myself here with no gym bag. I honestly just forgot. I've gotten out of the habit of going to the gym, which is really sad considering how much I was going before. It's a crappy excuse, but they all are, aren't they? Tomorrow! I will be sweating tomorrow. Tonight I will pack my gym bag and throw it in front of our bedroom door so I will be forced to grab it on my way out.

Keep me accountable, will ya? :)

So. What's your excuse??

A Redhead


  1. I haven't been to yoga in a week...because I felt like utter crap and I didn't think they would be ok with me laying in the room the whole 90 minutes...and last night I left work late, my errand took too long and by the time I got home I would have been 30 minutes late for class (this is highly frowned upon). I am going tonight! And Thursday and Friday. I feel like 3 times a week is a great and accomplishable goal! You can do it too! I beeeelieeeeve in you!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm tired.
    I'm old.
    I have Things To Do.
    My fat hurts.

    1. I'm embarrassed by how much I just laughed at "My fat hurts". I'm STILL laughing.

  3. I don't want to get sweat on my new carpet.

  4. I'm too tired. "but working out gives you energy." but I'm too tired to get any energy.

  5. I'm poised at work, calm and suave. No one needs to see me fail miserably at the gym, which is right out side my office and in the line of sight for all to see.

  6. I don't have enough free time, and when I do, I need to work on sewing costumes for Halloween. Also? It's getting dark earlier so I don't really want to go run in the evenings. I am a big 'fraidy cat inside, but really only of irrational things which is why I don't watch scary movies. I am more afraid of dementors than being mugged. (That is SO irrational that I refuse to sign off with my real name. Right Dementors is my excuse. I'll take aching flab any day over dementors.) --Shag

  7. ps: dance-syncing to the Bella's Finale scene counts as excercise, right?


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