Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Anyone seen my saddle? Or horse? Or whatever it is I fell off of?

"Get back in the saddle!"
"Get back on the horse!"
"Get back on the wagon!"
"Get back to something else irrelevant to your lifestyle!" (is what I actually hear when people say these things…)

Let me tell you, I've only been on a horse maybe twice in my life, and weirdly enough have been in a saddle once more than that (stupid Texas Roadhouse…), but I certainly don't want to "get back on". Also, wagons...? Who made up these expressions?!

The redhead has slightly derailed off the tracks (because apparently I am a train now), and hasn't been to the gym in a regular manner for quite some time. I went twice 2 weeks ago and did zumba in the same week, and I thought it was back.

I thought The Gladiator was back. Not of the Russell Crowe variety, but of the gym champion I once tried to be. I thought it would be the start back into my 4-5 weekly visits to the gym. Did I go at all last week? Nope. Did I do anything at all remotely physical? Nope.

I've been on a hiatus from swing dancing because I have heels spurs and plantar fasciitis. If you don't know what those are, well, I'm super jealous of you. Basically I have these beautiful little fish hook-y things in my heels made of calcified bone, and they dig in to the inflamed tendon. Awesome, right? So it's really painful to walk sometimes, standing on my feet for too long hurts, and walking for long amounts of time really, really hurts.

at hurting myself, maybe….

I know that really this comes down to me just sucking it up and going. I read back through some of my blog posts, and I was thinking "You!! Where did you go?! I miss you. I miss our muscles. I'm a sissy girl again. =(". That's pretty sad for a girl who was a reg in the gym and doing sooo well. I still haven't weighed myself in a long time (because measurements are more my thang), but I haven't even checked my inches in 6ish months. I think I'm too scared to know, honestly. Scared to know if I've gained all the inches back. Scared to know if I managed to completely reverse all the hard work I did.

I'm just scared. 

Phew. I feel better even saying that out loud, even if it's really just being written on my lil' ole blog.

Well. Today is April 8th. Anyone want to hop back onto some form of antiquated transportation and get "back on track" with me? I'm going to go to the gym tomorrow (fingers crossed) and promise to update if I do. I need accountability though. I think not posting here made me not face my previously mentioned fears, and now that they're out there I feel like I need to move forward instead of sitting some more.

Who's with me?

A Redhead


  1. I can't go to the gym with you from 1200 miles away, but I do know that you don't have to keep dealing with that bone spur pain either. Not that it's anyone's first choice, but there is surgery to get rid of those bone spurs. My sister had it done a few years ago and she's doing just fine. Also avoid any shoe [no matter how cute] that has a anything but a straight back from the bottom of the heel cup to where the shoe ends. I.E no to most high heels since they bend in towards the tendons.

    1. I've seen that! I was hoping to do some PT for it before resorting to surgery. Ugh.

      And you know me well apparently- I actually am a sucker for cute shoes, haha!

  2. Chicka!! Get back on that friggin wagon, I'll pull you up, gained some serious muscle in the past 10 weeks, lol, I'll be strong enough! :) do you have Instagram?? Check out my Profile @thiis_iis_the_liife

  3. Too true. I let things super slack after getting my wisdom teeth removed. I'm not big for blogging in text, but looking at my videos from a year ago...I'm right there with you! I was so focused; energetic- what happened?!

    and Nina is the best work out nazi to have via instagram ;0)

  4. Bring your gym clothes tomorrow and Thursday and Friday. I'll be glad to drag you.

  5. Hi Ashley,

    You're blog post actually inspired me to write a post on Instagram last night. Goes into the whole "how to prevent to fall off the wagon" category.
    Here is the link to it: