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Get over yourself

I don't mean to be rude, but seriously, sometimes you just need to get over yourself.

I don't mean like "Psshtt girl you're not all that, get over yourself!"

I mean like "Hey, they're probably not staring at you in your bathing suit as you walk stiff-legged to make your thighs appear smaller! Get over your self. Besties?"

Sometimes you just need to hear it: Get over yourself. Don't let yourself become the voice you fear is actually coming from others.

I had to keep telling myself this the other day as I stood in front of the mirror in my retro-inspired blue/white polka dot bathing suit at the gym. "It's OK. Your suit is cute and what do you care if someone is saying something? You're here to swim. We're all here to better ourselves. Get over yourself."

If you've read my blog for any length of time, I'm sure you're aware that I am profoundly amazing at self-deprecation. No joke, I could medal in it if it were an Olympic sport. I can find something negative to find about myself like that.

I'm not even sorry this gif is here. It had to happen.
Millions of people find themselves insecure in bathing suits of whatever variety, and it's not just women- dudes get insecure too. It's just the nature of being in public in less clothing than you normally find yourself in. This particular bathing suit is adorable, but that doesn't make me any less aware of my rotund posterior being a bit more visible than usual. But darnit, I wanted to swim.

I wanted to be a friggin' mermaid.

I bet this happens at my gym… Right? 
So I traipsed around in the locker room in my squeaky flip-flops (you know, water everywhere and all), and didn't even try to cover up my cellulicious thighs. Yeah, I had a towel. But wrapping it around myself (I'm saying for me, not necessarily for others) would've called out my insecurity. I probably would've even concocted a scenario in my head where the random stranger in the locker room looked at me which would of course mean she thought I was akin to a sea cow. Instead? I walked around like a I normally do. I bathing suited up and walked like I didn't give a rip.

Even though my thighs were showing.

Even though I wasn't wearing any make-up (*gasp!* in public?! the horror!).

Even though my hair was in a wonky bun atop my head.

I did it. You know what? I got over myself. I stopped letting myself be a deterrent. I could've easily sat in the stall crying about how everyone thinks I'm a giant whatever (remember, Self-Deprecating Champion over here), but instead I carried on and I swam my little heart out.

Sidebar: swimming is no joke. 1 lap had me heaving like a fool. Just means I need to swim more! :)

So anywho. Get over your self when you're starting to freak out over nothing. Take a few deep breaths, or say "Screw it" as I did (yeah… Super classy over here), and just do what you're at the gym or wherever to do. If you're running outdoors, do your run. If you're at your gym in your bathing suit (or about to get in your bathing suit), just swim. Be a mermaid and make your husband hold you up in the water as you sing The Little Mermaid (oh you guys don't do that? Good.. me either… <shifty eyes>). You're already there. Do what you came to do, and you won't regret it.

A Redhead

P.S. - Now I really want to make a song to the tune of "Fergalicious" called "Cellulicious". How great would that be?

"Cellulicious... It's hot hot!"

No? OK. It was just a thought. Whatevs.


  1. I had 'Let It Go" going through my head as I read this...

  2. I can tell you, as a thin person, I never think for too long about bigger people at the pool or in the gym. Generally, my first and only thought is, "Good for you!" And then I go about my workout. My cholesterol dropped 50 points when I started exercising regularly, so just because I was thin didn't mean I was healthy. I really don't think the majority of gym-going people judge other people.

    1. Thanks Anita! That's kinda why sometimes I need the reminder to get over myself, because realistically, 99% of the people at the gym don't give me more than a passing glance. But I freak myself out, you know?


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